Lactation Consulting

Professional breastfeeding support is an invaluable asset to mothers and their families regardless of their infant feeding decisions.

We offer reassurance when breastfeeding is going well and we provide support to prevent and manage common concerns. In addition, we can provide the information to help you make informed decisions about alternative feeding possibilities.

Prenatal visits are helpful in reducing your fears and anxieties around feeding your baby. Make plans before your baby arrives.

Breastfeeding should be pain free

Breastfeeding should be pain free

Common Issues:

Sore nipples

Positioning and latch

Infant weight gain

Breast infections

Tandem nursing

Starting solids

Growth spurts

Milk supply


Just to name a few..

Katie Bowman, IBCLC

Katie DaMota, IBCLC


Katie DaMota, IBCLC, MAS

Katie is currently exploring community outside of the Bay Area but is still very actively practicing via distance consults.  The most common issues she handles are milk supply concerns, prenatal education, breast infections, exploring detailed and ongoing issues as well as infant gas and tummy trouble.

Katie has built a reputation by consulting with families and working hard to solve the challenges that arise with the complexity of infant feeding. Her extensive background in the fields of child development and women’s health has allowed her to make a career of her passion for helping women to better understand their bodies and guiding them to make healthy decisions for themselves and their children.

Katie received her Master’s Degree in Maternal and Child Nutrition at the University of California at Davis. She also completed the UCSD Lactation Consultant Program and is an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

She spends much of her time devoted to the development of Milk Support, a website designed to make breastfeeding support easy to find with solutions that fit any family’s needs.