Psychotherapy is a process of exploration for purposes of change. While we are born with temperament and other inborn characteristics, much of who we are and how we function in the world we have learned through experience. In an effort to avoid pain, confusion, conflict, and other obstacles, we develop coping mechanisms and beliefs about how the world works which we rigidly cling to even when they are no longer useful. The therapeutic process is about addressing obstacles and creating pathways for change. Through exploration, support, self observation, and education, psychotherapy is a powerful tool which can help individuals and couples:

* improve their relationships

* increase self-esteem

*decrease anxiety and depression

*transform unresolved pain and grief

*increase feelings of agency and optimism

*increase feelings of compassion towards the self and others

*create a sense of balance, well-being, and improved resilience

A psychotherapist is a trained professional who has received advanced training in identifying obstacles to happiness and emotional well being and to effecting growth and change. Progress and change can happen. Nine out of ten Americans surveyed by Consumer Reports said that psychotherapy had helped them. And, in another recent major national study, half of the clients studied were making improvement after eight sessions of therapy, 75% after six months of therapy.


Gina Hassan, Ph.D.  

Gina Hassan, Ph.D. ( PSY13473)  is a licensed clinical psychologist and mother with over 20 years experience working with pregnant and postpartum women. She has a private psychotherapy practice in Berkeley, CA. and is co-founder of Perinatal Psychotherapy Services. She has published works in the Pyshcotherapy Networker, PubMed Books,  and a variety of perinatal newletters. She  teaches locally offering classes on: Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children and Parenting From The Inside-Out. Gina has a strong interest in incorporating mindfulness practices into her work with pregnant women and new moms. She  runs Mindfulness-Based New Moms Groups, and Mindful Mothering Groups.  She works with both couples and individuals, and provides consultations for professionals. Gina has received extensive training in perinatal mood disorders and is passionate about helping new moms learn to trust themselves during the transition to motherhood.  For more information about her training, background, and philosophy please visit her website at